Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Let us explore the captivating Egyptian symbols of old!

On this page you can access the many mysterious and powerful symbolisms that the ancient Egyptians depended on and used, not occasionally, but on a daily basis. These include symbols for

Gods and goddesses

Words and writing

Luck and protection

Religion and magic

Spiritual concepts and ideas

You will also discover the amazing qualities of popular symbols that originated from Egypt such as the ankh, the wadjet eye, the scarab and the pyramid, along with the beautiful symbolisms and images used in ancient Egyptian writing or hieroglyphs.

When looking at these sacred symbols or any Egyptian mural, please do not behold them as just unique, excellent works of art. Egyptian murals and illustrations depict very important rituals and aspects of life. Their symbols present to you a deeper and magical truth that is seldom accessible to us today.

The Egyptians of long ago have known that a symbol possessed a life force. They used symbolism a great deal. Even their writing system, which is composed of the hieroglyphs, was all of symbols. These were used with great respect and care.

In ancient Egypt, the people feared symbols so much that they disfigured some of these for burial ceremonies. These included images representing man and fearsome creatures such as scorpions and snakes. The Egyptians believed that doing so protected the dead from harm.

Of the most ancient cultures, the Egyptians were the greatest believers in the power of symbols to protect, do harm and change man's destiny. For them, symbols possessed both soul and energy that can be used for evil or good.

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