I welcome you gladly to the realm of timeless, sacred symbols!

Do ancient symbols mesmerize you? Do you often wonder what they mean?

Do you somehow feel that they are calling you or telling you something?

On this website you will discover and be guided into a symbol's

image, description and origin

uses throughout history

deeper, more esoteric meanings

application in enlightenment, healing and tranquility of the mind

ability to facilitate one's openness to luck, wealth, prosperity and other goals

power to enhance creativity and mental alertness

Curious about ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Celtic, Hebrew or Indian icons, or the sacred and mysterious markings used by the early Pagans, Alchemists, Astrologists and Masons? Then come along with me in exploring their world, art and magic through their empowering images! 

If you share my passion for mystical signs and illustrations, or are just beginning to be curious about them, perhaps you feel the mysterious energy and power that emanate from them.

Choose one of these sacred images, gaze at it, and you can feel it transmitting a revelation to you. But in most cases, you do not feel anything while looking at an ancient representation. This is absolutely normal since we have lost touch with this special language centuries ago or longer. Nevertheless, we still absorb its secret wisdom by looking at it with a relaxed and open mind.

We can also easily regain the ability to "read" markings intended for the soul and spirit. We just need to have a quiet mind. If we are still and calm enough, these immortal signs and depictions can easily go straight to the subconscious and go past the mind and its resistances. They then work their magic within us: transforming us, guiding us, leading us to achieve healing, peace or enlightenment.

To get started, please browse the interesting topics on the left. Have something in mind? This is a brand new website and soon I hope it will be much easier for you to read a main topic and its subcategories.

We are talking about powerful, ancient and sacred icons, emblems and markings here. No smileys and doodles for facebook, twitter or instagram, sorry :-)

If you would like to know more about sacred and ancient drawings and their amazing applications, read more here!

Please stay tuned and come back often as more information is added about the many powerful images used around the world :-)

Till then, may you always find meaningful answers in the many wonderful symbols around you!

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