Ancient Astrological Symbols

Astrological symbols are among the most recognizable symbols in the world. They are the most easily accessible icons and are often called the symbols of the heavenly gods. These symbols represent the intertwining of physical or manifest science with the wisdom of the soul. 

If there ever was a field that has guided and influenced so many lives so powerfully, it would be astrology. Astrological symbols are among the most popular used on every imaginable merchandise through the centuries.

On this page you will find the sacred symbols used in

Tibetan Astrology

Celtic Astrology

Vedic Zodiac

Egyptian zodiac system

Hindu Astrology

Moon and Sun charting

Astrological systems by other cultures

                                                  An astrological map of constellations and the solar system                                                         according to Copernicus, circa 1600s rendering.                                                                  

What else can you learn about these ancient symbols? You will

 see the different pictorial representations for each zodiac symbol and its characteristics

 learn how to make the vibration of each symbol or sign work for you

discover how these symbols are influencing you right now

develop your intuition and awareness as your subconscious responds to symbols of astrology

Astrology and astronomy were basically the same thing thousands of years ago. But around the medieval ages, some scientists no longer cared for the mystical science of reading the stars. They chose to focus on the objective observation of heavenly bodies for practical purposes. Astronomy then parted ways with astrology.

Astronomy is alright, but don't you think astrology is so much more fun and exciting, not to mention magical and intriguing? It is a very fascinating and insightful tool for revealing the truth about who we are. I believe astrology points to us our finest qualities and best directions in life better than readings from fortune tellers.

Today, astrology and geomancy are still widely employed by the biggest businesses and financial institutions in China, Hong Kong, most parts of Asia and certain societies in Europe and around the world.

Enjoy these ancient symbols of fate and may they provide that special healing or wisdom you are seeking now:-)

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