Ancient Pagan and Witchcraft Symbols

Witchcraft symbols are among the most widely used and powerful pagan symbols that are used today. Witchcraft, which is also known as the Old Religion, is a way of life dedicated to honoring and celebrating Nature and the earth. Although old cackling women, cauldrons, magic spells, and curses come to mind at the mention of witchcraft, this old magical, well, Craft also has some of the most beautiful and powerful symbolisms.

In the olden days, the witches or wise-women used the Craft's meaningful emblems and symbols not only in rituals, magical work and ceremonies, but also in meditation. Couldn't picture a witch doing yoga? Their poses may be slightly different:-) Anyway, the Old Religion's time-worn symbolisms bestow balance, personal power, and a stronger connection with the Divine for those who study Nature's mystical side.

How did the good and mighty Wise-woman of old use these spiritual symbols and why?

Symbols were tools in deepening one's focus during rituals, ceremonies, scrying, reading omens and spell-casting.

Wise-women accessed the hidden truths of the Divine through symbol-gazing, a process involving quiet meditation on a symbol.

Symbols enabled the ancient witches to manifest solutions, spiritual transformation and, as rumored, in physically morphing into an animal such as an owl.

Witches aspired to reach what the mystics called the deep mind, which only responded to certain symbols.

Wise-women used symbols to initiate and power up healing for man, creature or land.

As with all sacred symbols of old, these symbols have their roots in nature and myths. Some of the Craft's symbols are similar to alchemical, Egyptian and astrology symbols. Doesn't this confirm the universality of symbols, the reputed language of the soul?

The wise-woman was, and still is a tenacious woman: she surrounds herself with symbols through jewelry or decor so that her mind is always in tune with the Divine. She prefers to make her abode near trees or brooks, deep within Nature's embrace.

Let us explore the fascinating and powerful symbols indispensable to witchcraft then and now! Behold and learn about the many witchcraft symbols below.

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