What is a Symbol?

This unique image or marking serves as a trigger to awaken the unconscious. A symbol represents a virtue, principle, concept or idea: a portal that both conceals and reveals a certain truth. Its image is not the meaning, and it usually cannot be immediately understood. This unique emblem, icon or marking is tangible and can be illustrated or reproduced, but what it represents is far from physical.

They are usually in the form of

an image or a group of images

a unique shape or marking

a word or writing, or both words and numbers

a recognizable shape or combination of geometric shapes

an ideogram, or a combination of images, words and numbers

They can also represent the following:






Some of these dream-like images are made entirely of ancient letters or words such as the ancient ones from Israel, China or Tibet. Others are wholly original and cannot be ascribed to any real object, creature or aspect found in nature. In sacred geometry, a number is a powerful depiction with its own unique vibration.

We owe much to the effort and genius of scholars in deciphering and bringing forth the sacred carvings uncovered in old temples, burial sites, ancient cities and architecture, and in archeological digs. Surviving old tribes also contribute much by preserving their ancestral markings through ceremonies and rituals.

But there's more to symbols and signs than just art or history.

They have served and still serve to point mankind to deeper ideas and a different reality.

In the olden days, the ancients use spiritual illustrations to

open and direct the mind to a certain truth

be an instrument for enlightenment and healing

bestow creative power to unite and strengthen tribes and societies

maintain or pave the way for peace and abundance

make the spiritual world more accessible

be a bridge between man's material world and the endless, intangible universe

How does a symbol come about? How is it produced?

The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung once said that these unique spiritual triggers spring suddenly from the unconscious. Others say that most of these magical images are divine revelations. Both may be true, for no one really knows how or who first devised such sacred signs, but they are truly powerful in enabling mind and soul to come together in grasping the intangible.

A symbol never loses its original virtues, although it may gain many levels of esoteric meanings in the passage of time.

It is my desire that the immortal icons featured here will have a profound impact on you as they have on me. But you must remember one important thing: a symbol is a powerful, magical portal. It reveals magnificent truths only if you go through it and beyond it. Open the door and step within. Do not linger before it.

Step onto the portal and absorb what it has to offer you. Marvel at it.

Tune into its vibration.

Don't take too long admiring the portal no matter how beautiful it is!

May you be healed, enlightened and inspired to do and be better!

"Symbols have the power to illuminate a higher reality." - Herbert Bangs

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